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San Antonio Domestic Partnership Lawyers

While most couples choose to legally recognize their union through traditional marriage, this option is not always afforded to every couple in a long-term relationship. Laws surrounding marriage in Texas are debated constantly and, in some circumstances, marriage’s legal benefits are not available. Furthermore, some couples choose to forgo marriage altogether but still need the rights afforded by a legally recognized union. For same-sex and opposite-sex couples alike, domestic partnership is a useful form of protection for partners that share a domestic life together. Domestic partnerships are similar to civil unions in that they offer some of the same benefits, such as estate planning, the ability to make medical decisions for your partner if they are incapable of doing so, and the right to obtain coverage on a family health insurance policy. These are necessary and important rights for every couple sharing a domestic life to have.

Unfortunately, while select cities in Texas have provisions for domestic partnership, Texas as a state does not currently recognize this form of union. However, you can still secure the benefits of a domestic partnership with the help of an informed San Antonio domestic partnership lawyer. While domestic partnerships are still not recognized by the state as a whole, our resourceful attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. can still obtain the desired benefits for you and your partner through estate planning, wills, and more.

Benefits of Domestic Partnership

When a couple needs to secure legal protections for their family but is unable to marry, domestic partnership is a great option. Although domestic partnership benefits do not exactly mirror those granted by marriage, the advantages of a domestic partnership include:

  • Obtaining coverage from a partner’s health insurance policy
  • Right to family leave for a sick partner
  • Right to bereavement leave
  • Visitation rights in hospitals and jails
  • Adoption rights
  • Same-sex estate planning

With the ever-evolving landscape of marriage and civil unions in Texas, you will need to enlist a well-versed domestic partnership lawyer to represent your case. Our legal team can also assist with separation agreements in the dissolution of a domestic partnership. Click here to see a full list of the legal services we provide.

Contact a Domestic Partnership Attorney

Because only select cities in Texas legally recognize this union, some couples may run into challenges securing the benefits of a domestic partnership. At Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., our legal team can navigate through all of the legal hurdles surrounding a domestic partnership and obtain all of the benefits this union entails. If you are interested in a domestic partnership, don’t hesitate to contact our family law attorneys at our San Antonio offices by calling (210) 349-9933 for support in your case.

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