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When a person here in Texas is going through a divorce, they may have many worries regarding their future. One such worry they may have is a worry about how the divorce might impact their future retirement.

There are many different retirement assets a couple can end up obtaining during the course of a marriage, such as pensions, government retirement plans, teacher retirement plans, employee stock accounts and 401(k) accounts. Sometimes, a big part of a divorce property division will be the division of these sorts of assets. How retirement assets are split in a divorce can have the potential to significantly impact the retirement outlook of both of the divorcing parties.

Retirement division issues in a divorce can also be rather complex. There are a variety of different special rules and steps that are present when it comes to such issues.

Given this complexity and the fact that retirement asset division in a divorce has the potential to have significant effects on a person’s retirement planning, divorcing individuals can easily find themselves feeling a substantial amount of apprehension and nervousness when it comes to this particular property division issue.

Our firm is dedicated to helping our divorce clients with the various different impactful issues that can arise in a divorce, including retirement asset division issues. We can help individuals who are dealing with retirement asset division in a divorce with getting a clear picture of how the specific rules regarding retirement asset division apply in their case and can help them with fighting for their interests and going through the appropriate steps throughout the process of this division.

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