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What Is a Pet Custody Agreement?

Many people treat their pets like part of the family. Some even refer to their pet as their “fur baby.” But in Texas, as much as you may love your pet, the law still considers it legal property. That distinction can lead to conflict if you and your spouse separate. During a divorce, a judge […]

What You Need to Know About Your Separation Agreement

Texas law does not recognize legal separation from a spouse. Divorce is the only remedy formally available to dissolve a marriage. But not every couple wants a divorce. Perhaps they want to work toward reconciliation, or they do not want to go through the formal divorce process. Some couples want to protect their interests and […]

Five Ways to Build Your Case for Sole Custody

Child custody battles can be contentious and stressful. A custody fight affects you, your former spouse, and your child. The consequences of a poorly planned child custody case can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Although you want to do what’s best for your child, ensuring you get what you want from the arrangement is also important. […]

Best Ways to Communicate with My Child’s Biological Parent

An increasingly popular form of adoption in the United States is “open adoption,” where the child and adoptive parents maintain open communication with the biological parents. Adoptive parents may feel a responsibility for the child to know their birth family, and biological parents may want to keep tabs on their child’s growth and development. Even […]

Five Things to Know Before Adopting a Child

By adding to your family through adoption, you give a child a second chance and take part in a life experience many parents and couples find rewarding. However, adoption is not a decision to make lightly, and adopting a child requires dedication, commitment, and perseverance. As you consider adoption, you should familiarize yourself as much […]

When Should I Hire an Adoption Attorney?

You have decided to expand your family through adoption, and you are filled with great anticipation and excitement. Although you want to complete the process as quickly as you can and begin your life with your new child, you must understand that the process can be time-consuming and fraught with many legal challenges. While Texas […]

Four Ways to Protect Yourself in Your Divorce

Divorce can be an intensely emotional and stressful process, and you may feel you deserve as much as you can get due to the sacrifices you made for the sake of your marriage and family. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to go to court for your divorce, but most states, including Texas, encourage […]

What Happens if My Ex is Not Honoring the Custody Agreement?

You finalized your divorce and obtained a child custody agreement that you and your ex promised to follow. However, as time has passed, your former spouse has not held up their end of the deal and has not honored the terms of the agreement. What can you do to make sure your child’s other parent […]

Do I Need a New Accountant After Divorce?

By definition, divorce is supposed to provide a person with a clean break from their spouse. Even though you will both be involved with any children you may have, you are effectively separating all other aspects of your lives together. So why would you want to use the same financial professionals you used when you […]

When Can My Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

The rules governing the care and welfare of children after a divorce can be complex and particularly difficult for the caregivers. When there are disputes, especially when there are teenagers involved, it is not uncommon for a child to want to express their desire to live with one parent over the other. Unfortunately, many people […]

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