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There are many different roles that pets could end up playing when a person gets divorced.

One such role is a stress-relief role. A divorce can create a great deal of stress for a person. Being overly stressed can be bad for a person in an emotional, mental and even physical sense. Thus, finding good methods of stress relief can be very important when going through a divorce. Some individuals find pets to be helpful when it comes to dealing with divorce-related stress. Research indicates that having a pet may in fact have stress reduction effects.

How much do you think having pets can help with divorce-related stress? What do you think are some of the best stress relief options for people who are going through a divorce here in Texas?

A pet can also sometimes end up having a more direct role when it comes to a divorce. Specifically, a pet can sometimes end up being one of the divorce issues that arises between a pair of divorcing individuals. When a divorcing couple got a pet during their marriage, one of the things the couple will generally need to determine now that they are getting divorced is who gets the pet moving forward. Sometimes, divorcing parties quickly come to an agreement on this type of matter. Other times though, divorcing parties with pets end up getting into a dispute when it comes to what will happen with the pets. As with many divorce issues, pet-related divorce disputes can end up being quite complicated. Pet-related divorce issues are among the divorce issues family law attorneys can help Texas divorcing individuals with.

Source: The Huffington Post, “How Pets Help Heal a Broken Heart After Divorce,” Kristen Levine, April 22, 2015

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