Friendly divorce for Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck passed their 10-year wedding anniversary the end of June. Unfortunately, the two are divorcing.

The two gave a joint statement, saying they are going forward “with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children.” They asked that their privacy, including that of their children, be respected.

They met on the set of “Pearl Harbor” and started dating after making the movie “Daredevil.” Over the years, each has given statements professing their love and respect for one another.

The couple has three children, ages 3, 6 and 9. They plan on using mediation during the divorce and ensuing that the divorce stays on friendly terms for the sake of the children, but also for their own peace.

While your divorce may not be fodder for tabloid news, there is a lot to be learned here. The couple clearly is focused on the well-being of their children, rather than on the strength of the marriage. Have you asked your soon-to-be ex if mediation or collaborative law could be the right choice?

Mediation uses a third party to listen to each side of the divorce. Then the mediator helps the two parties reach an agreement, when possible. Collaborative law involves each party and his or her attorney attempting to reach an agreement. However, if this doesn’t work, then the attorneys must excuse themselves and other representation must be obtained.

Divorce is not an easy time for most people. Having access to professionals, such as an experienced family law attorney, financial planners and even therapists can prove very helpful.

Source: People, “Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorcing After 10 Years of Marriage,” Michelle Tauber and Elizabeth Leonard, June 30, 2015

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