How amicable are Texas divorces?

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There are many options other than litigation for handing important issues in a divorce. One such option is pursuing a collaborative divorce.

Collaborative divorce is an alternative dispute resolution method that involves divorcing individuals engaging in cooperative negotiations to try to reach agreements on the key matters in their divorce. The process typically involves the parties signing a contract prior to the negotiations which outlines how the parties are to act during the collaborative negotiation process.

Many different things can play a role in whether collaborative divorce would work in a given divorce. Family law attorneys can provide divorcing individuals with detailed explanations of the collaborative divorce process and advice on whether collaborative divorce may be a good option for their divorce given their particular circumstances.

There are many upsides collaborative divorce can have. In some instances, the collaborative divorce process can help with keeping a divorce amicable.

An amicable divorce is something that many divorcing individuals want. How common are amicable divorces in Texas? A recent study indicates that Texas divorces are, generally speaking, more amicable than the divorces in a good deal of the rest of the country.

In the study, the states and Washington D.C. were ranked on divorce amicability. In determining how amicable divorces generally are in a state, the study used information divorcing couples had provided online.

In the study, Texas made the top ten for states where divorces are the most amicable. Specifically, the study ranked Texas 10th in the country for amicable divorces.

Do you think that Texas divorces tend to be fairly amicable as compared to other places in the country? If so, what do you think is responsible for this? What do you think are some of the best ways of keeping divorces from turning contentious?

Source: KFOR, “Study shows where the happiest divorces happen,” Dallas Franklin, Sept. 21, 2015

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