Deduction issues in child-support-related income calculations

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Accurate calculations of income, both of your own income and your ex-spouse’s, can be very important in many aspects of a divorce. This includes child support matters. Here in Texas, the income levels of the two parents are among the main things that the state’s child support guidelines consider in child support calculations.

Sometimes, income calculation for child support purposes is a relatively straightforward matter. Other times, such calculations can get rather complex.

One thing that sometimes raises complexities in income calculations related to child support matters are issues regarding deductions. There are certain things that state law allows a person to deduct from their income when it comes to what their income level is for child support calculation purposes.

Sometimes, confusion or disputes arise in relation to deduction issues. For example, a parent may be unclear as to what deductions are available or whether a particular deduction would apply to their situation or may suspect that a deduction their ex-spouse is asking for is one their ex-spouse doesn’t actually qualify for.

How deduction issues end up being resolved in a child support matter can greatly affect the income calculation in a child support case, which in turn could affect what child support arrangement ends up being set.

Deduction issues are among the child support issues parents may want to get advice from an experienced divorce attorney on. Such attorneys can provide parents with information on deduction law, help them understand what deductions they may qualify for and help them navigate disputes that arise regarding deductions.

Our firm can provide divorcing parents with assistance with income calculation issues in child support matters, including complex deduction issues.

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