Prenuptial agreements help ease the divorce process

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Couples who are considering marriage are often overwhelmed by their emotions. These emotions can cloud their judgment, including potential signs that the relationship may not be compatible in the long-term. Those in Texas who take the time to plan ahead by ensuring they fully understand their options in regards to prenuptial agreements can often ease the process should the relationship end in divorce.

A prenuptial agreement has many important functions. Despite some of the feelings that may be attached to the creation of such a document, they are a commonsense way for couples to come to a full understanding of each person’s assets as well as debts. While some people believe that such agreements are only needed for celebrities, they can be beneficial for any couple in which one person earns significantly more than the other, among other scenarios.

Prenups can include a range of agreements. For example, one can stipulate that the couple will go through mediation if they choose to divorce. While such an agreement can determine who will get the family pet, they can not be used to make determinations about child custody arrangements or child support.

Prenuptial agreements are not documents that can be created and set aside. Because it is important that all details are clear and without ambiguity, some family law professionals recommend updating them approximately every five years. Having an experienced attorney to help those in Texas with the creation and revision process can help ensure that an agreement is fair and enforceable.

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