Federal judge seeks divorce after 45 years of marriage

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There are some couples in Texas who realize relatively quickly that their marriage is not working. For other couples, however, it is only after they have raised children and have spent several decades together that they decide they would be happier if they sought a divorce. One out-of-state couple, married for 45 years, has recently announced their intention to end their marriage.

The couple actually separated several years ago. They claim that their separation was amicable and their divorce will be so as well. In fact, they claim that they recently vacationed together with their son and his family.

The couple, a federal judge and the former governor of Pennsylvania, say that they still work together due to the non-profit organization they began together. They have even stated that the organization will be launching a new project in the near future. In 2011, they reportedly promised their friends that their split will not be awkward and indicate that nothing has changed since that announcement.

It seems that the only divorces that gain a significant amount of media coverage are the ones that are filled with contention. However, many couples in Texas are able to make decisions that separate their lives in order to ensure that they are able to transition out of the marriage as smoothly as possible. By doing so, couples are often able to gain a divorce faster and with less expense. For those considering divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can help them better understand their options and initiate legal proceedings if appropriate.

Source: mcall.com, “After 45 years, Rendells to divorce“, Claudia Vargas, Sept. 7, 2016

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