Divorce ruling prevents father from talking religion

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In most cases, parents in Texas reserve the right to expose their children to religion in the way they deem appropriate. As a result, one out-of-state judge claims that the court typically does not make any rulings prohibiting a parent from discussing religion with his or her children. However, a divorce case that occurred in the same state reportedly dealt with extenuating circumstances that required special consideration.

The case involved a woman who left her husband in 2013. She made the decision after one of her three children was hospitalized after suffering what court papers described as a psychotic episode. The father’s threats of damnation and accusations against the mother of being a demon reportedly caused all three children to suffer anxiety. His behavior was severe enough to be deemed child abuse.

The original judgment granted the divorce, but the parenting plan prohibited the father from discussing religion with the children. He reportedly told a social investigator appointed by the court that he used Bible passages to justify harsh punishments intended to control the children’s behavior. An appellant court in Florida recently argued that the lower court’s decision did not violate the father’s rights because it was made in order to preserve the best interests of the children.

Often, a parent must make decisions that may be difficult but ultimately benefit one’s children. While the inclination may be to stay together for the children, a divorce may be in their best interests, especially if there is a history of child abuse. In order to best protect their children, many in Texas seek the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help them put appropriate provisions in place.

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