Divorce consultations and filings spike upwards in January

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Every year at this time, family law attorneys in Texas and elsewhere see an influx of clients filing for the dissolution of marriage. Matrimonial lawyers’ organizations estimate that there is a spike of 25 to 30 percent in business volume each January. Why does the beginning of the year bring a surge in divorce filings, and what can a person contemplating divorce do to make sure that his or her decisions are on solid ground?

For one thing, the holidays mark a period of financial tension for many couples, which may in turn trigger a range of intensive emotional feelings and worries about the marriage and the future. The beginning of the year marks the idea of a fresh start in many people’s minds. In addition, the pressure of having to look and act secure and happy during the holidays may in some cases erupt after those holidays come to an end.

Experienced matrimonial attorneys generally try to assist their clients to make their decisions after the emotions have settled down and clear thinking is reinstated. It is never good to decide out of fear, anger or emotional instability. One of the most difficult situations to handle is where the other spouse has found someone else. Even there, however, calm and logical thinking can reassure the client that he or she has good choices to make and a positive, happy life to anticipate ahead.

Where there are young children involved, it is important for the divorce client to keep them out of the decision itself and protected from any turmoil that is being communicated between the spouses. Focusing on the needs of the children will be a major subject taken up between the attorney and the client. In addition, revealing one’s position to the other spouse is sometimes counterproductive. It is extremely helpful to work out such timing and negotiating techniques in consultation with the attorney prior to having any precipitous confrontations with the other party. These are universal considerations that apply whether you reside in Texas or another state.

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