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Divorce is almost always going to be a difficult process. Many people going through a divorce rightfully fear the toll court proceedings can take on their family, especially if there are children involved. Collaborative law is defined by a number of different methods that put your divorce in your own hands. An option that will best meet the needs of you and your family may include hiring an attorney to facilitate discussion rather than taking your situation to trial where a judge will decide the fate of your family. Spouses are provided with an environment to comfortably discuss the terms of their divorce through interest-based negotiation with the guidance of a collaborative divorce attorney. As a result, the terms of the divorce will better reflect the individual and family needs of both sides.

Each of our San Antonio collaborative law attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. is Board Certified in Family Law by the Board of Legal Specialization. We pride ourselves in providing compassionate and respectful dialogue with our clients because we understand when you come to our firm, you’re seeking support in one of the most trying situations for any family. You can trust that, with our experience, we can provide you with legal counsel you need in this difficult time.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

The most notable benefit to collaborative divorce is it often provides a better environment for preserving the relationship, which can often be lost in the heat of a bitter trial proceeding. A divorce does not mean the end of a family when children are involved, and collaborative law helps each party retain their respect for one another. In addition, when the family gets to decide for themselves the terms of the divorce rather than defaulting to the decisions of a judge, there is less room for resentment and anger. Collaborative law proceeding puts you in control of your own life. Here are a few other benefits experienced by couples going through collaborative proceedings:

  • Collaborative divorce is far less expensive than going to trial
  • The process is completed much quicker
  • It is entirely private, as opposed to trials which are a matter of public record

Divorce already imposes a great deal of stress onto a family and a collaborative session may mitigate some of that emotional toll. When discussing divorce with your family and ex-spouse, consider collaboration over trial proceedings.

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