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San Antonio Child Custody Tips

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Divorce is difficult. You’ve learned that by now, but it becomes increasingly complicated when children are involved. A divorcing couple may ask questions like: “Which parent gets custody of the kids after we divorce?”, “How much money will I get from child support”, “How is child support calculated?”, “Is child support calculated differently in Texas?”, “How can a San Antonio divorce lawyer help me with child custody & child support?”.

These questions are very important when considering your children first during your divorce. Divorce often leaves many children devastated because many times, they are young and don’t understand why their parents are separating. For this reason, it is very important to make sure they know how much both parents still love them. This is sometimes easier said than done during such a difficult time, but the matter requires a great amount of sensitivity and compassion despite how you may feel about your spouse.

How can an attorney help?


We highly recommend hiring a San Antonio family law attorney to handle any divorce case. So it is without saying that it is imperative to hire a divorce attorney when children are involved. An experienced divorce attorney in San Antonio should know the laws surrounding child custody in San Antonio and child support. Your San Antonio divorce attorney should guide you through every step of your divorce, giving you all the information you need to make the right decision for your children.

Your lawyer should be sensitive to the fact that your children are at the forefront of your concerns during your divorce process. As child custody lawyers, we know how important kids’ needs are during a divorce. We’ve handled hundreds of divorce cases involving children and it is with this understanding that we can offer the most compassionate advice for you with regards to your children and your divorce.

Where do I start?

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