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Collaborative Divorce

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Are you and your spouse getting a divorce but believe you can work out an agreement without a courtroom battle? If so, a San Antonio collaborative divorce is a great alternative to the traditional divorce process.

Collaborative divorce is not only less adversarial, but more cost effective too.

In this divorce process, each spouse hires their own divorce attorney. But before the couple begins to negotiate issues such as, support, alimony,custody, property and debts, an agreement affirming each spouse’s commitment to the collaborative process without going to litigation is signed by both parties. The family law attorneys and spouses agree in this contract, to share all financial and other information relevant to the divorce without claiming confidentiality. With guidance from their San Antonio family law attorneys, the couple works together to negotiate the terms of a mutual agreement.


  1. Determine your goals
  2. Gather information
  3. Develop settlement options
  4. Evaluate options
  5. Negotiate settlement

Collaborative divorce can work if both parties are willing to compromise and are committed to an amicable resolution. However, if an agreement is unable to be reached, your attorneys will not be able to litigate your case since it would violate the contract signed at the beginning of the process. Therefore, if litigation is necessary, each party will need to hire a new divorce attorney.

Our San Antonio attorneys can explain the process involved with collaborative divorce and if we think it can work in your case. If you are considering filing for divorce or have any other family law matters, contact the HHZ San Antonio family law attorneys.

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