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In a family law or divorce case, your lawyer is one of your primary advocates. You must trust this attorney to work with you to protect your legal rights. Consider the personal qualities your attorney should have before you start interviewing candidates such as, honesty, integrity, good communication, discipline, and creativity in finding constructive solutions. Your San Antonio divorce lawyer’s job is to represent your side and argue your case; however, it is your responsibility to arm your lawyer with the facts in your divorce case.


You will need to have a record of names, account numbers, addresses, and phone numbers for all of your assets and debts. Other important information for your San Antonio divorce lawyer includes bank accounts, credit cards, loans, stocks and bonds, mortgages, and title information. It is also helpful to have tax statements for the last three years, as well as employment information. If there is a business involved, get copies of the tax records, assets, and debts. Other paperwork to make copies of are deeds, prenuptial agreements, and other estate planning documents.


In San Antonio, the marital estate is everything that was acquired during your marriage. When preparing for a divorce, keep a budget of your income and expenses. This will help provide documentation for determining the amount of support awarded, as well as give you an idea of what it will take to live on after your divorce.


You can photograph or videotape your possessions, including the contents of your house, your vehicles, and other property. When it comes time to divide the marital estate, this can provide proof of its existence.


Document the date of your marriage, birth of children, and you and your spouse’s work histories. Most important, record any instances of family violence, infidelity, and drug abuse. This will help your lawyer when gathering evidence for a San Antonio fault based divorce case.

It’s imperative to provide your San Antonio divorce lawyer with information that will persuade the courts in your favor. If you present a weak case to your divorce attorney, you won’t be able to succeed in court. This is just a preliminary list to get you started. At HHZ Law, our San Antonio lawyers will sit down with you and explain everything we need to successfully argue your case.

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