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Divorce is an obvious issue handled by divorce lawyers, but there are many other criminal and civil areas of the law that your local San Antonio family law attorneys can handle.

Almost any issue that arises in a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership that needs legal intervention would be handled by a family law firm. And just to be clear, the law uses these legal definitions:

  • Marriage: a legal contract between individuals that creates kinship
  • Civil Union: a legally recognized alternative union similar to marriage. (Civil unions are not currently legally recognized in Texas.)
  • Domestic Partnership: a legal or personal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life but are not joined by marriage or a civil union

Almost all the problems or conflicts that may arise in any of these types of partnerships can be handled by your San Antonio family law attorney. And even though civil unions are not recognized in Texas, it is worth having at least one consultation with a San Antonio divorce attorney to see what your options are for resolving your case.

A locally based San Antonio family law attorney should be able to advise you in any of the following areas:

  • Spousal abuse: ongoing abuse that may consist of physical harm, threats of harm, controlling and domineering behavior and passive abuse including neglect and economic deprivation.
  • Legitimacy: mostly archaic legal term referring to children born in wedlock and the rights to titles and inheritance associated with being born as such.
  • Paternity: the parental relationship between a man and a child usually based on several factors, and the rights and responsibilities of the relationship.
  • Adoption: the transfer of parenting rights and responsibilities to a person who is not the natural parent of the child involved.
  • Surrogacy: a reproductive method in which a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party.
  • Child abduction: the kidnapping of a child (or baby) by an older person.
  • Child abuse: the physical, psychological and/or emotional mistreatment of children.

Sometimes, usually as a result of the above mentioned issues, marriages end. If you find yourself in a marriage or domestic partnership that has problems that can’t be resolved, it will be in your best interest to meet with a San Antonio divorce attorney. A family lawyer can lead you through any of the following conflicts:

  • Divorce
  • Annulment: this legal procedure declares a marriage null and void. An annulled marriage is considered never to have existed
  • Property Settlements: the division of property rights and obligations between spouses during divorce. The parties agree on terms, or if not, the judge decides on division
  • Alimony: in Texas, this is known as spousal maintenance and refers to financial support of one spouse by the other after divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Visitation: the level of contact a non-custodial parent can have with their child after divorce.
  • Child Support: the ongoing obligation of a parent to financially support their child after divorce

This is not a definitive list. Perhaps your specific family law issue is not addressed here. If you are not sure if your case is family law related, you will find help from a San Antonio family law attorney. A good family law or divorce attorney will either let you know where to go for help if your case is out of their area of expertise, or invite you for a consultation. If you are suffering the stress that comes with any of these family conflicts don’t try and cope alone, seek help with a respected firm of experienced attorneys.

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