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All of the partners at our firm are Board Certified in Family Law - less than 1% of Texas lawyers achieve this distinction.

San Antonio Board Certified Attorneys

Board Certification is an achievement that distinguishes attorneys who have taken the time and committed to the process of becoming a publicly recognized specialist in their area of law. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization that grants board certification is a part of the State Bar of Texas, the body the licenses lawyers to practice law in the state of Texas. The Board reviews applicants for certification, recognizes the attorneys that meet the high standards required to become certified, and regulates the certified attorneys becoming specialized in the field of law.

According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, while there are over 100,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas, there are only 7,400 who have earned the status of being board certified specialists in their practice area. At the Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., all of our partners have earned the prestigious right to be publically recognized as specialists in family law. Additionally, partner James A. Higdon has also earned this status in the area of civil appellate law. We are dedicated to providing our clients the best legal guidance possible, and that is shown through the commitment of earning board certification.

Becoming a Board Certified Attorney

The process of becoming board certified is time-consuming and requires the attorneys to meet high standards put in place by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. To become certified in a specialty area, attorneys must have:

  • Been licensed to practice law for at least five years
  • Devoted a required percentage of practice to a specialty area each year, for at least three years – 35% for family law, 25% for civil appellate law
  • Handled a wide variety of matters in the area to demonstrate experience and skill
  • Kept legal training up to date by regularly attending educational seminars or classes
  • Been peer reviewed by fellow attorneys and judges

Attorneys must first initiate the certification process by submitting the above information in an application to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. If the Board determines that the attorney meets the minimum requirements, they then have to take and pass a six-hour written examination to become board certified.

Contact a Board Certified Lawyer in San Antonio

Board certification shows that an attorney has taken the steps to prove their competence in the area of law. They were tested, reviewed, and finally determined to be worthy enough to receive the esteemed status. At the Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., we went the extra mile to make sure that all of our partners are board certified attorneys, and we will go the extra mile when representing clients in the courtroom. Contact our office today at (210) 349-9933 to learn more about our partners and what we can do for you.

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