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Are you in the midst of a custody negotiation and feel that split custody is the best situation for both you and your children? If so, the experienced custody lawyers of Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. can help you analyze every aspect of your particular situation and seek the custody agreement that best fits you and your child.

Split custody refers to the uncommon situation where the court splits up siblings between the two parents. Split custody decisions are often made by the parents according to a mutual agreement or during mediation and then brought to the court for approval. However, Texas courts typically try to avoid splitting up siblings in custody cases in the interest of the children. The parents’ separation can be hard enough for the kids, and splitting children from their siblings can make the situation even more difficult to handle.

Texas custody laws and proceedings tend to be very complicated. Many pro-se litigants in custody disputes face unfavorable results because they lack a proper understanding of Texas custody laws, court procedures, and judges’ preferences. The knowledgeable legal team at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. has decades of experience representing parties engaged in custody disputes and navigating child custody proceedings in San Antonio. Let us fight for you and for your family. Contact the team of San Antonio split custody attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. today by calling us at (210) 349-9933 to schedule your free initial consultation. We will help you reach the custody arrangement that you feel is best for you and your family.

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It is essential for parents who are going through a custody battle to have an ally who understands what you are going through and how to achieve the best result possible your particular situation. Our compassionate team of attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. is committed to fighting for the split custody arrangement that you seek if it is right for you and your children. Our distinguished history of serving our clients and their needs makes Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. the best firm in San Antonio to handle your custody issues. Put our team to work for you today by calling (210) 349-9933 to set up a free consultation.

What Rights Come with Split Custody?

Texas courts prefer to grant parents joint shared custody arrangements, but if the custody negotiations prove contentious for the parents, the court may grant another version of joint custody or award split or sole custody to one parent. Think of split custody as a blend between joint and sole custody: with split custody arrangements, there are always at least two children, and each parent is awarded full legal and physical custody over at least one child.

Although split custody is rare, a common split custody arrangement that Texas courts grant allows the father to take custody of the male children and the mother over the female children. Courts sometimes prefer this arrangement out of consideration for the best interests of the children, who may prefer to be with the parent of the same sex. Other variations of a split custody arrangement are made based on age or based on factors such as the parents’ finances or out of consideration for any special needs the children may have.

How Do I Change My Current Orders to Be Granted Split Custody?

Texas courts have considerable discretion in granting custody arrangements. Given the legal presumption in Texas that the child’s interest is best served by retaining joint custody, the bottom line is that both parents will likely share at least some parental rights over their child. Nonetheless, it is possible to change your orders to the split custody arrangement that you feel is right for your family if you are unsatisfied with your family’s current custody arrangement.

Texas courts almost exclusively consider what is in the best interest of the child or children when parents in custody disputes propose changes to the current court-ordered arrangement. However, courts do also balance the characteristics of each parent when determining which custody arrangement to award. Parents seeking to change their custody arrangements ought to make sure they represent themselves well both in and out of court and should demonstrate an appropriate level of responsibility to help effectuate the change in rights they desire for their children.

It is important to keep in mind that courts typically will not change orders that have not been in effect at least two years unless one parent can show a substantial material change to the facts of their case. Regardless of how long your order has been in place, Texas courts require parents seeking the modification to give their reasoning for changing the custody arrangement and sufficient evidence to support their reasoning. In wielding their discretion to modify an existing custody order, courts have considered a broad range of reasons for changing a custody arrangement. Courts have held anything from the reckless behavior of one parent or guardian to allegations of abuse, or even a random move across the state as sufficient reasons.

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Representing yourself in your child custody case can be daunting, especially when seeking split custody. Many aspects of the law get overlooked throughout the twists and turns of the proceedings when you try to navigate a custody dispute on your own. Hiring an experienced attorney to represent you in these matters can be a great asset in helping you successfully cross the murky waters and achieve your desired family dynamic.

Our distinguished history of dedicated service has made Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. the best choice in the San Antonio and South Texas region to handle your child custody issues. The attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. have decades of experience working with families of all backgrounds and a proven history of effectively fighting for our clients to achieve the best results possible for each family. At Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., our San Antonio child custody attorneys are committed to using our expertise to obtain the split custody arrangement that you seek. Let the dedicated team of attorneys at Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P. fight for you and your family’s best interests. Call (210) 349-9933 today to schedule your free consultation and talk about the specific details of your child custody case.

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