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San Antonio Parental Rights Attorneys

Parental rights are the rights a parent has to take action in a child’s life and have control over the child’s upbringing. Generally, parental rights are automatic for biological and adoptive parents; the parent can lose these rights only through the legal process. The Texas Family Code and Texas courts consider parental rights fundamental. A parent’s right to oversee the upbringing and care of their child is essential, so the court applies strict scrutiny to decisions concerning parental rights. This strict scrutiny is necessary because if the court terminates your parental rights, you are no longer legally considered the parent of your child.

In cases of divorce, if one biological parent remarries, the stepparent can obtain parental rights. If the other biological parent is negligent in their duties toward the child, then the stepparent may even be able to gain greater parental rights over the child than the biological parent.

If you are going through a divorce or are trying to retain parental rights over your child, you need a knowledgeable lawyer to guide you through this complex process. The factor the court must always keep in mind is what is in the best interests of the child. You know what is best for your child and have a right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing. At Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., our experienced parental rights attorneys will do everything we can to help you do what’s best for your child.

About Parental Rights Cases

Parental rights allow for—but do not guarantee—physical and legal custody of the child. They also allow the right to make legal decisions, such as medical treatment and contractual agreements, on behalf of the child. We have experience handling parental rights issues in cases concerning:

  • Divorce
  • Unmarried parents
  • Adoption
  • Stepparent adoption

Even if you are not given custody of your child, you could be able to retain parental rights. Parental rights allow you to retain the right to visit your child and decide on certain matters of your child’s wellbeing. If you are in the San Antonio area and need help navigating these complex matters, please do not hesitate to contact a parental rights attorney today.

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You have the right as a parent to be a part of your child’s life. At Higdon, Hardy & Zuflacht, L.L.P., we understand that you know what is best for your child. Our team of San Antonio custody attorneys will work tirelessly to fight for your family. If you need help with a parental rights matter, contact our San Antonio team at 210-306-4471.

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