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Higdon Hardy & Zuflacht is taking a safe but proactive approach to the Coronavirus situation in our law practice. We are working every day to represent our family law clients. At the same time, we are following best practices to protect the health of our employees and our clients. To read more please Click Here

All our employees understand that they should not be working if they are sick, and in particular, that they should not be at our office while sick.

To further protect our employees and our clients we are encouraging meetings by phone, Zoom, Skype or similar means. We have represented clients from out of state and out of the country in this manner for many years. Our clients often prefer this to traveling to our office.

We are also working with the divorce and civil courts, as well as opposing counsel, to arrange court appearances, settlement conferences, and other litigation events remotely whenever possible.

To further protect the health of all concerned, all our attorneys and staff have the technology and capability to work on cases and with clients from home as well as at the office. Your phone calls will be returned. Your emails will be answered. Your case deadlines will be met.

The days ahead may be a challenge. We do not yet know the extent to which particular courts will curtail trials or even the extent to which HHZ will have clients and other guests come to our office. We will continue to work to take care of our clients’ cases and to take on new matters and clients. We will simply manage your case in less traditional, more technology-driven ways, that are safer for your health and ours.

Thank you for your trust.

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All of the partners at our firm are Board Certified in Family Law - less than 1% of Texas lawyers achieve this distinction.

What is a ‘love contract’?

One of the benefits of contracts is that they can create predictability in otherwise unpredictable situations. One thing that can have the potential to have a fair amount of unpredictability connected to it is what will happen in regards to financial issues, like division of property, if a married couple breaks up. Thus, it is unsurprising that some couples, when they are about to tie the knot, turn to contracts to address what will happen finance-wise if their soon-to-begin marriage ultimately ends in divorce.

Such contracts are called prenuptial agreements. There are a wide range of different financial issues prenuptial agreements can contain legally binding terms on. Thus, soon-to-be married couples can use prenuptial agreements to create predictability for many potential future divorce-related financial issues. Attorneys can help individuals who are about to get married who are interested in having a prenuptial agreement understand whether such an agreement would be well-suited for addressing financial concerns they have about potential future divorce matters and with drafting prenuptial agreements tailored to their specific concerns and circumstances.

Some couples don’t just want to use contracts to create greater predictability in the event of the breakdown of a marriage, but also to create greater predictability within a relationship. One thing that some couples are turning to to try to create such greater relationship predictability are “love contracts.”

A love contract is an agreement that contains lifestyle clauses that a couple agrees to follow in connection to their relationship. Such lifestyle clauses could regard all sorts of different things, from social media use to spending time together.

Some couples include love contracts within prenuptial agreements or other relationship agreements. Love contracts appear to be rising in popularity these days.

What might draw a couple to think about having a love contract? Perhaps they desire to set out clear expectations regarding their relationship to try to prevent unpleasant surprises. Some argue that love contracts can be very useful when it comes to goal-setting in a relationship.

An important thing to note about love contracts is that they often are deemed legally unenforceable.

Some argue that including love contracts in a prenuptial agreement could create problems, such as causing an agreement to become bogged down with terms or potentially endangering the enforceability of the entire agreement.

What do you think of love contracts? Do you think they can be a helpful tool for couples?

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