Thinking of the future in military child custody matters

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In a military divorce, what sort of child custody terms end up being established in the divorce can not only affect the parents and the kids in the short term, but in the long term as well. Thus, when in negotiations over such terms, it is important to not only think about the present, but also the future.

On this note, one thing it can be important to keep in mind when it comes to child custody matters is what sorts of custody issues could be particularly likely to come up in the future. Different types of families can have different types of likely future custody issues. By factoring likely future custody issues into a child custody agreement, divorcing parents could be helping reduce the chances of costly and contentious disputes coming up down the line in relation to these issues. This can be beneficial both for the kids and the parents.

For military families, a class of custody issues that can commonly come up down the road are issues connected to the fact that members of the military often end up getting reassigned and having to relocate to a new location, such as parental relocation issues. Thus, potential future relocation issues are among the special issues it can be important to factor in when working on coming up with a child custody agreement in a military divorce.

Our firm understands the special issues, both those relating to the present and those relating to the future, that can arise in relation to military child custody. Whether a divorcing parent is a military member or is splitting from a member of the military, we can work closely with them in child custody negotiations and proceedings to help them with pinning down what the major present and future child custody issues are for them and with trying to reach a child custody agreement that addresses these issues in an effective and appropriate matter. For more information on our family law services regarding military child custody, see our page that covers this aspect of military divorce.

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