Soldier locked in child custody battle

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Those from Texas who choose to join the military are willing to make a great deal of sacrifices. Many military members ultimately sacrifice their lives, and most have to sacrifice time with their families and friends. In fact, one serviceman has found himself embroiled in a child custody lawsuit with the mother of his daughter.

The man claims that he briefly dated the woman who would become the mother of his child in 2009. He learned of his impending fatherhood just days before he was deployed to Afghanistan. Although he claims that he struggled to make phone calls home due to his situation, he was able to go online and see pictures of his daughter.

He further claims that he and the woman exchanged letters while he was overseas but that there was a drastic change in the relationship when he returned. In fact, he claims that the woman sought a restraining order against him. Following a hearing to reverse the order, he was able to meet his daughter for the first time.

Reports indicate that the man sought joint custody of his daughter but was shipped to Germany before an arrangement could be finalized. He claims he attempted to stay in touch by sending letters, but they were all returned, marked “return to sender.” Then, before he went back to Afghanistan, he received notice that the mother of his child was seeking to have his parental rights terminated to allow her new husband to adopt her. While he was protected from legal action temporarily by the Service Members Civil Relief Act, a judge granted the adoption request once he returned. The adoption, however, has since been delayed by an appeals court; it ordered the lower court to review whether the man did, in fact, fail to meet his parental obligations.

An attorney representing the woman claims that the man is connected to violent threats and drug abuse and that he did little support his daughter financially or establish a relationship. Unfortunately, there are many parents who differ regarding the best interest of their children. When parents in Texas cannot agree, it often becomes necessary to ask a judge to step in and make a determination. During such cases, having an experienced attorney on his or her side can help ensure that a parent’s voice is heard during child custody proceedings.

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