Protecting personal business in Texas with prenuptial agreements

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A long life of marital bliss is what most Texas couples expect after exchanging vows. Life, growth, raising children and making financial decisions often complicate a marital relationship. When thoughts of divorce are on the horizon, a thorough evaluation of all potential community assets could prove critical to making sure that each partner is left with a fair share. Prenuptial agreements can help ease the uncertainty of business assets should couples go through a divorce.

Business owners who are thinking of tying the knot should have in place a prenuptial agreement to ensure that all properties prior to the big day stay with the party who is most vested in the endeavor. A prenuptial agreement can be drafted and executed by both parties. An attorney well versed in family law can help protect Texas business with a carefully planned prenuptial agreement.

If a prenup was overlooked during those blissful dating days, a postnuptial agreement can be made. This type of agreement is made at any time after the wedding day and is also signed by both parties. These types of marital agreements are recognized in Texas as long as they are properly drafted and executed.

Prenuptial agreements typically state clearly what each party in the marriage is bringing to the union. An agreement that is founded on love and mutual respect can help couples navigate the emotional waters of a divorce, should it ever occur. A family law attorney can help business owners prepare a comprehensive prenuptial agreement, creating peace of mind for the couple and the business.

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