Getting a divorce in Texas could become more difficult

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The breakdown of a spousal relationship can be tough. Many underlying issues can lead couples to end a marriage. Recently proposed legislation, if enacted, could infringe upon one’s ability to file for a Texas divorce in a private, timely and affordable fashion.

A state representative seeks a new law that would ban no fault divorce filings in Texas. Currently, most couples cite insupportability as the reason for divorce, which helps maintain a level of privacy since doing so does not require proof of fault. The goal of SB 93 and HB 65.SB 93, legislative bills that were filed recently, is to require proof of fault grounds before a divorce will be granted. HB 65 also extends the waiting time to divorce for couples with children under the age of 18. Instead of the current period of 60 days, couples would have to wait 180 days to divorce.

Opponents of bills cite the possible damage that the proposed legislation could have on any children involved and the future of the family court system. Along with the extended waiting period and requiring proof of fault, the proposed law could expose families to turmoil and grudges within the family unit, possibly making co-parenting extremely difficult. If the bills become law, divorce in Texas would become more expensive and more time consuming.

Some suggest that passing the proposals will help to solidify marriage and strengthen Texas families. Others believe the effect of the bills, if enacted into law, would only further hurt already suffering families and prolong the divorce process. Those with an experienced attorney on their side are often better prepared for decision making and are able to choose appropriate courses of action to protect their interests and achieve their goals.

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